It’s good to be back

Home for a few days as the weather is turning awful and the ache in my bones is something wicked. The digging is nearing completion, which just means I then shift to a different phase of the project. Hopefully an easier phase. Bound to be. Anyway here’s what the target area looks like now:


The dirt had been all the way up to that log on the right. Over 50 wheelbarrows full have been taken out (yes I kind of lost track). Why? To make room for the drain pipes. If you have really good eyes you can see the 4″ ABS in the dark on the right and a 1½” piece sticking down in the foreground. There are others that all need to be joined up now that they can’t take separate exits due to the skirting all around the cabin. This would have been a lot easier if the people who built the place 70 years ago had made some effort towards leveling the site first!

I haven’t had much opportunity to take many pictures while there. The weather has been pretty bad and so have the mosquitoes. On the way home I saw a young deer with its mama, a young brown bear without, and a fast moving coyote. None of which did I manage to capture an image of because they were all faster than me and my camera.

For stationary subjects you can’t beat trees. Even ones that should have been removed from the road by now:


Oh well, they don’t stop me. This picture is “moody” because I forgot how I had the camera set for the previous shot and messed up the exposure something wicked.

Anyway, a few days of R&R and getting things done at home before I go back to the labour camp. I really appreciate what those prisoners at Stalag 17 went through.

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