Today’s adventure

I took the camping trailer out to the cabin.


If I want to bring it back I’m going to need a 1 ton 4×4 with a big engine as the ol’ Ford E-250 had a awfully hard time dragging that thing up the hills. I doubt it could bring it back out up the hill at the lake.

There were a few other problems along the way too. 80 KPH on the highway? Not possible. Potholes on the gravel roads necessitated going to slow at times the speedometer wasn’t registering. Then there was the problem at 28 kms where a truck came at me around the corner in the middle of the road (the “no one drives on this road” syndrome). I went to the right shoulder, which was soft and sucked the van and trailer in. Somehow I had enough momentum to get the van back on the hard surface and it had enough weight to pull the trailer out. I had visions of having to cut wood and jack wheels to get myself out of the mud. Good ol’ Whale managed it.


On the left: Ford E-250 tow vehicle; “The Whale”

The second road wasn’t any fun either, as I had to drive straight down the middle (it’s about 1 1/2 lanes wide) to avoid hitting the overgrowing flora on either side. This meant no dodging potholes. A lot of slow going and the bumps were bad.

There’s a tight ‘S’ turn on the skidder path leading to our place and I had cleared the ground around it to make sure it would fit. It was still hair-raising. Then, wouldn’t you know it? Scraped the awning on an inward-leaning tree right at the gate! The filled potholes gushed out under the weight of the rig too, but I got it into the yard.

Which brought up the problem of having to turn it around. 25 feet of trailer and 18 feet of van doing a ‘K’ turn in a yard full of trees. Whee! And then backing it into its spot and leveling it up and … Well I got it done.

It would have been nice if I’d remembered the computer so I could have sent my wife a message saying I’d arrived.

It would have been nice if my cell phone hadn’t died so I could have called her when I still had signal and let her know I’d forgotten the computer.

It would have been nice if I’d remembered to unload the things I’d brought along to leave at the cabin.

As it was I made it home before the rain started, which is good because the wipers no longer work on the Whale.

Next step, sometime next week, is to pack up and go out and stay and work.

I’d better remember the computer.


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