Another round

Well Wednesday was a day, make no mistake. In fact it was a day and a half. Maybe even two days. It was longer than normal in ‘up hours’ and more full of activity than I would like.

I went out to the cabin, and on the way there was greeted with this:

Blown Down

Quite a large blow-down of trees on the road. Fortunately someone else had already been cutting them off and I was able to drive through, or rather over some of the smaller bits to one side. This is what happens when it rains a lot and the wind blows and the trees have shallow roots like conifers do. Also when someone has done some not-quite-to-spec logging up behind them.

Anyway I got out there and got the batteries changed so the power is back up to normal. I also managed to get the water system up and running, although there’s a couple of leaks to be seen to. I heard a lot of birds, but it may have just been this trickster putting me on:

Another Raven

If it was, he’s very talented.

Probably wasn’t a safe day to go out on the lake, as this sea monster was sunning itself out there:

Sea Serpent

Great, spiny thing leftover from the age of dinosaurs. They eat boats, you know.

Of course a day without art is a day without art, so here’s some art:

Water Abstract

The Beetles stopped by to entertain:

100% Beetles

Anyhow, I’m one (hopefully) day’s work away from being able to take the trailer out there and set up camp. And then really start working.

Or maybe spend more time trying to take pictures of birds.


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