Work continues

Here’s a picture of where I’ve been working at the cabin: underneath it. The dirt was up to the logs here and needed to be removed so that I could get through and run electric lines and water pipe.

Taken with Kodak P850

Yes it’s every bit as unpleasant an environment as it looks. Even more so. On the positive side I did get through and yesterday managed to get the electric outlet for the water pump installed and the outside electric outlet in back (for the trailer) as well as the water inlet connection. How much easier it all was before we had the place ‘skirted’! You could run a line in through anywhere then.

I also found some holes that need fixing up, and where the packrat got out. He doesn’t seem to be there anymore, which is fine by me.

The next step will be fixing up some of the road so the trailer can be brought in without damage (it’s really rough in spots) and then replacing the batteries so the inverter can run something heavier than a couple of lights and the Internet set-up.

You don’t have to understand any of this beyond the fact I know what I’m doing. Sometimes I wish I didn’t. It’s be easier to say “can’t do it; don’t know how” and save the effort!

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