Another cabin visit

They have got to do something about that road. I think all my molecules have been jarred loose. On the way back out I was following an unloaded 10 wheel dump truck for the last few kilometers, and he was crawling along at about 10 KPH most of the time. This is what he had delivered (I don’t know why):


My work got interrupted by the failing of the air compressor. Let’s back up a minute and see how that goes. I need to dig out underneath more, okay? I get everything set up so I can roll the wheelbarrow in and load it directly to take dirt out and dump it. Right, just have to air up the tires and then start digging. Compressor would not start. Not off the inverter and not off the generator. Total jam-up. Funny because I’d used it two days earlier to air up the van tires. This is an easily transported tankless compressor, not some huge monster like the one I use for the nailers. I’ve had it about 35 years. Can’t imagine why it’s suddenly packed it in. I would have appreciated it if the fault had occurred before I hauled it out there and tried to use it. But that’s not what happened. Oh and they don’t make replacements for it.

Anyway the water in the lake has gone down a little:


Here’s a butterfly on the porch screen. It wouldn’t open its wings, but it looks pretty neat anyway:


I heard a lot of birds around but only managed to shoot (I know) a couple:

Least Flycatcher
Unknown red bird

I can’t match that one up with anything in my bird book. I need a new bird book.

So now I need a new air compressor as well as all the other things I’ve got to get and do. Obviously not going to be getting out there full time soon!

Meanwhile in Peru …

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