Oh, just some pictures

I haven’t been shooting much lately, as I’ve been working on other things.

Oregon Junco on post
Picture puzzle photo
I like moon shots
Morning – for once I don’t mind the intrusion of the wires
Nice colour
One of the ravens
That’s not a bird
The Nexus is real

Cameras used: Nikon P610 & Canon T100 (55-250mm lens).

3 thoughts on “Oh, just some pictures

  1. I’m so glad you titled that one, “That’s not a bird” – ’cause, you know, I was wondering. LOL. I live half a mile from an airport and I’ve yet to get a decent plane photo. It’ll happen yet.

    PS – That second photo would make an awesome jigsaw puzzle. Have you ever thought of selling some photos to a jigsaw puzzle manufacturer?


    1. You know what’s odd? I’m no place near any large airport but keep getting pictures of jets flying overhead.
      My experiments with selling images have all been for naught, so I don’t make the effort anymore.


      1. Thanks. I’ve considered trying to sell some of my photos, but (1) didn’t know where to begin; (2) didn’t know if it would be worth the effort; (3) didn’t figure my photos are good enough anyway. For now, I’ll just let people enjoy them through my blog.

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