Water birds

Just when I was thinking I would run out of subjects …

On a necessary trip to the transfer station I passed by the over-flowing Bridge Creek, which was being enjoyed by a few visitors.

Canadian Geese
They are exempt from social distancing
Common Merganser, which is uncommon around here
Post-shoot zoom-in
Bufflehead – no, really; that’s what it’s called
Digital zoom-in

Fortunately I had the Nikon with me as the ‘single bird’ shots are at full focal length – 1440mm. The Canon’s 250mm would not have caught much detail as the birds were a long ways off. That is the one disadvantage of that camera: there is no way to get that kind of focal length without spending huge money and getting a lens normally associated with astronomical research. This is where the ultra-small 1/2.3 sensor shines. (If there had been sun the pictures would have been much better.)

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