Waiting for Godot, er, Spring

It’s been a week of unpleasantness around here. A couple of unexpected snowfalls, some brutally cold temperatures, and of course the daily depressing updates on the pandemic. I keep hearing my wife explain to people over the phone that we’re in the “high risk” category, and they idiotically respond with “for what?” Are they that ignorant of the world around them? Or is it the purposeful denial of the truly demented? Whatever.

As such I haven’t been doing much. Trips to the store limited to absolute minimums. I could wear one of my fire masks, but appearing in such around here is bound to cause panic as so far we have no cases of the dread disease in our area. I have the advantage of having an acre of yard to wander in, or at least would have it it weren’t a treacherous landscape of deep, hard-packed snow and ice just now. I wonder what people stuck in a tiny apartment do to avoid going stir crazy.

Anyway, all plans are on hold (including daughter’s wedding) and we’re hoping no new disaster strikes. Her sister is at big risk in England, and if something (anything) goes wrong there … well that’s it; there is no way of going there to handle whatever it might be. Meanwhile we just worry about relatives and friends in the USA where the problem is being mishandled by the most incompetent leader in the history of the world. That’s why their daily new cases are three times our total number of cases so far.

I’d like to be out and about taking pictures, but everything is against that. So all we have today is a few ‘yard shots’ from the easily-pocketed Fujifilm F80 EXR.

Waiting for Spring
On a mission from Dog
Cold little Junco
Spring hides behind Winter
The Blob … of ice
Marley is a silly dog

That’s about it for now. I’m not even motivated for doing anything else even if I could/were allowed to. I also see I’ve now used 10% of my storage allotment here. Well if that gets to be an issue I’ll just delete content; none of it is particularly important anyway.

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