Re-fine art

Sometimes you take a picture that just isn’t very good. This is an example of such an image:


It’s hard to track a flying bird at full zoom in a cloudy sky. The focus is off, the exposure is off, and the composition off. This is not a good picture. But can anything be done to save it?


I cranked up the exposure, increased the contrast, desaturated to B&W, inverted the colours, and recropped the framing. Voilà! A “MOMA quality” image that looks like it might have been made in a completely different medium such as paper or even cloth. Dramatic lithographic tones and severely asymmetrical composition turns a dull, blurry image of an unrecognizable bird against and indistinct gray sky into a signature piece. You see less artistic offerings on the market every day.


Limited edition prints available in the gift shop. *LOL*

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