After the nice results with taking a picture of the wild rose thorn using the $6 Canon, I decided to try other cameras on the same subject to see how sharp they are. So here are the results in ‘alphabetical’ order.

Canon T100 – remarkably sharp
Canon PS A70 – nicely sharp for a cheap old camera
Fujifilm F80 EXR – no good at close-ups
Kodak P850 – pretty good for an old 5MP ‘bridge’ camera
Kodak V1003 – cheap point-n-shoot does better than some
Panasonic Lumix ZS60 – epic failure; the worst of the lot
Nikon P610 – knocks it out of the ballpark

The shooting method was consistent but not perfect: I set the ISO at 100 and let the camera pick settings (noticeable in variations of exposure). Focus was in automatic close-up mode, again trusting to the equipment. Not zoomed, but due to differences in wide-angle focal lengths and inconsistencies with framing from one camera to another (it would be nice to set a piece of this up on a stand so the distances would be the same for all) the composition varies quite a bit as does the size of the stalk represented. Some of the cameras could go much closer than others, for example. All pictures are 640×480 segments of 100% sized images, regardless of the total pixels. I tried multiple shots when needed and picked the best from the bunch. In the case of the Lumix, that’s pretty sad to report; it really doesn’t do good at this despite my having got the occasional decent close-up from it.

6 thoughts on “B-sharp

    1. Dan, that’s one of the bad things; the ISO was only 100. I tend to fix ISO because I don’t like the camera taking that “into it’s own hands” and giving the high speed grainy look – which I got anyway. There was enough light that this should have been fast and stopped-down as well. The file doesn’t record aperture, but the shutter was 1/1600 so there was plenty of light. The camera disappoints.


      1. I can’t understand why it’s so noisy and wahsed out if the ISO is only 100. Most reasons a photo doesn’t work out you can trace back to the aperture, shutter speed or ISO in some way. I’m baffled!


      2. I think I’d write it off Marc and stick with cameras you can rely on! Honestly, it’s nothing like the perception and experience I’ve had with Lumix cameras, which is very positive.


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