Some shots from the Panasonic Lumix ZS60.

Dime Moon
From Under Snow
Snow’s off the high ground
Random Patterns

That last one is, I think, one of the best photos I’ve taken in a long time. It may be hard for some people to make out, as it is quite complex, but that’s actually light coming through a cylinder of ice (icicle segment). This despite the fact the Lumix has the worst lens of any of my cameras. This is the best image I’ve ever taken with it.


4 thoughts on “IlLumixated

  1. It’s a shame the Lumix hasn’t lived up to its promise. I expect, from my experience, that an older, but perhaps better equipped Lumix would be much more pleasing. I’d love for you to try an LX3 one day, they really have such an excellent lens and sensor combo.


    1. I keep playing with it, trying to find some combination that turns out acceptable pictures. Unfortunately between the soft lens and the easily confused exposure what I get mostly is no good. It has a LOT of settings, many of which can only be reached through that abominable touch screen. I think they put too much of the wrong kind of technology in this camera!
      The Leica lens has a piece of glass (or plastic?) in front of it behind the protective blades, and I suspect that’s where the resolution is being lost. There is no obvious way of safely removing this without destroying the camera. I can understand why it’s there, but it doesn’t help the images. Like shooting through a cheap UV filter.


      1. I’d look out for an older Lumix if I were you. I had the TZ2 which was really good, and that’s a very old model, I know they went up through increasing number iterations in the TZ series up to at least TZ7, all with CCD sensors and I think most with the Leica designed lenses. Models TZ2 through to TZ7 all seem to get decent reviews.


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