Car spotting

I’m going through a few old slides, looking for anything worth saving. It seems slide film doesn’t keep even as well as prints as most of them are faded and contrast-y. Not to mention a tad dirty as well. Part of the charm I suppose.

Anyway I came across a half dozen old shot of cars taken back in the 1970s most likely. In some of them the backgrounds are pretty interesting too, showing then-new vehicles which now qualify for collector plates. Also you’ll see an old photo processing kiosk behind the Corvair. The picture of the Barracuda has someone delivering newspapers in it!


1974 Porsche 914 that belonged to my brother’s then girlfriend. I spent a lot of time driving that car – and fixing it. Notice how one image has stood up better than the other, despite being shot in sequence on the same roll of film.

196? Chevrolet Corvair

With a Foto Express, Happy Motoring Exxon station, and a ‘recent’ Japanese import.

1956 GMC

This old truck sat abandoned in town for a very long time before disappearing one day. I suspect it was one of those cases where the owner kept it ’til he died even though he couldn’t use it anymore.

1972 Plymouth Barracuda

Not a hemi! As I recall it had a 440 & six-pack. Used to visit a neighbour on our street from time to time.

1968/9 Rambler American

These were very nice cars. My brother had one. He hated it because he had to buy it for transportation and it was very dull – and it refused to give up functioning.

Porsche 356

Not sure of the year on this as they didn’t change much or often. Around 1960. It belonged to friends of our across-the-street neighbours and used to park in front of our house often. We certainly didn’t mind.

I have more slides to go through, but not more of cars.



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