Being a hodgepodge of images and words on things photographic.

A blog entry I read the other day lamented about a camera having a shutter speed that went up to “only” 1/4000. Hey, you know what? Back in the days of film we thought 1/1000 was hot stuff. Frankly I rarely shoot even that fast with the digital cameras. But then I don’t fool myself into believing the super high ISO ratings are real; I’ve seen the results of that.

Taken with the Lumix ZS60

The Fujifilm X-E3 with 15-45mm lens and brown leather is on sale again at 34% off. I do not need this camera and it’s still expensive even with the discount. But it is also beautiful. That sale is like a siren call: “thirty-four percent off … come buy me, sailor …” Fortunately such dreams have once again been dashed against the rocks of reality as the market (from whence we retired people derive much of our income) has crashed knocking out so much capital that I have to figure out how to live for the next 12 months on 11 months worth of income. And that could get worse.

Four bits

I found these in my change; a couple of American quarters. The one from 1965 is already past the point of having any silver content, but they say it’s worth a buck anyway. The other is a 2000 issue in celebration of New Hampshire, a state that has some significance in my life; that’s where my original box Brownie came from.

Milk sicle

The weird temperatures these days cause some unusual effects on our frozen world (it was -23C/-10F Sunday morning and is supposed to hit 4C/40F on Tuesday).

There are some other cameras I haven’t bought, due to various circumstances. I’ve missed another deal on a Canon 5D in the $300-$400 range because it got snapped up instantly. I kind of would like a ‘full frame’ camera for the experience, but right now there’s no pressing need for one. Otherwise we’re looking at $620+ to buy. Why would I want one? Mostly because of the true low-light capabilities of the large sensor. That’s about it, really.

The other is a Canon A1100IS, but I don’t need to spend $70+ on that either. Seriously I have enough cameras, and what I really want is more time to shoot with them. Being limited in that makes me fidgety and then I think about buying more equipment. But what good would it be if you can’t even shoot with what you’ve got?

I was thinking of writing a piece on how I do post-shoot processing when I do it. The steps I try and undertake are few and simple because I’m not big on processed images. The other day I saw a photo of an eagle someone had put up, and it was fantastic. Except it looked fake. I glanced over at my own favourite eagle image hanging on the wall here, and it looks more real. The former … looked like a model set up in a diorama in a museum somewhere; everything processed to perfection, which is not how the real world looks. It was a fantastic image, it just didn’t look like reality. I’ve discussed this “super-realism” before.

My favourite eagle photo

That’s taken with the Nikon P610, by the way. The first three are done with the Lumix ZS60.

Apparently we’re all supposed to classify our photographic styles (never mind the reference for this; it was in conversation). Hmm. I didn’t know that. “I shoot what I like” doesn’t seem to be an acceptable category. How about “professional snapshot”? Can I go with that?

Anyway I’ve got some more old photos to scan. That will keep me busy for awhile.

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