A few images kind of ‘leftover’ from other shoots. The first two are out of the Canon T100.

Duncan is suspicious

He’s thinking “hmm, there’s something going on over there. Maybe I should bark at it!”

Snow sand

I thought about desaturating that or colourizing to sand tones, but then I didn’t. It’s fine as-is.

This next lot are all from the Fuji EXP.

The secret of Telus

Oh you thought they had people that worked on the phone lines? Nope; it’s ravens.

Look right

It’s very small and you can barely spot it.

Ice fingers

Good thing I didn’t invert this.

Frayed flag

The Fuji has nice film-like tonal qualities, and a good lens.

King Ford

A bit of an oddity here, in that the red came out more vibrant than usual. In general digital cameras heighten blue-green and downplay red. The cloudy day probably influenced this as it skewed the blue shades to white. This ‘C’ cab, by the way, was used on Ford/Mercury, Dodge/Fargo, IH, and White trucks for several decades.

And finally a leftover print scan:

Lake point

This is at our cabin, on the “point” of the delta. It reminds me of a tropical island. The scene has changed a bit since this was taken some 20 years ago.

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