Random bits and pieces

The good news is my wife gets back Monday. The bad news is I have to drive over 2 hours each way to pick her up from the airport. The good news is they’ve taken the predicted snowfall out of the forecast for that day. The bad news is their forecasts are notoriously inaccurate.

My ‘new’ camera didn’t show up when it was supposed to. Maybe next week. Further delayed by Monday being a holiday here (“Family Day” – don’t get me started on how lame the reasoning is behind that one). On the other hand I’m a bit busy this weekend seeing to details before the return of She Who Must Be Obeyed. The household equivalent of crossing all the I’s and dotting all the T’s. Or whatever.

A side-effect of the Coronavirus (now called COVID-19 because of marketing improvements) seems to be a huge drop in available items on Amazon. Well no loss there.

The “pipeline protests” here in Canada have gone beyond reason and there’s going to be some serious backlash. Preferably a no confidence vote and the fall of our incompetent government. Most likely it will take the form of higher prices for everyone. Thanks, idiots. While I fully support the right to protest, I draw the line at acts of obstruction. As it stands now they’ve gone to mob rule. They probably think they are clever. Now imagine if another mob decides to take the law into their own hands and ‘end the crisis’ in the way that a government never should. This could escalate horribly. Keep it peaceful, keep it civil. And stop blocking roads and rail lines; you’re not winning any sympathy for your cause that way.

Here’s two pictures taken in sequence with the Lumix ZS60. One is “Intelligent Automatic” mode, the other “Program” mode. “IA” tries to ‘correct’ aspects of the scene to make it look ‘normal’. Conclusion: don’t use this mode for shots with artistic lighting circumstances if you want to preserve that lighting.


The “Program” mode version is more accurate to reality.

Here is a nice piece about the purpose of full-frame sensors, by Frans Mäyrä. I’m glad to know there are many of us practicing photography who actually understand the reasons behind designs. I just wish we could count camera manufacturers among our number. They seem to be driven more by the practice of fooling the public with the numbers (more pixels and higher ISO must be better) than producing “technically responsible” devices. It’s silly because I myself have compared two cameras with the same size sensor but two radically different pixel counts (10MP vs. 20MP) and the smaller one won out for image quality. Why? Possibly because it wasn’t trying to be something any greater than what it actually is.

You know how I constantly complain about how used equipment is more expensive here than new? This is what I mean:

Screenshot from 2020-02-14 10:20:08

Well that’s about it for this ‘filler’ post. Maybe next time I’ll have some images from the latest camera. Or at least some images worth looking at.

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