Canon (snap) shots

These are some photos I took in the rare sunshine the other day, using the Canon T100 and Super Takumar 35mm lens. This is part of testing whether or not that focal length would be a good ‘prime’ for me before I shell out hundreds of dollars on a coupled automatic lens. As it is, with the old lens exposure is ‘guestimated’ and focus is manual – and every shot has to be post-processed to remove the thorium yellowing (which also affects the sharpness and contrast).

You can see that with just using auto white balance correction there is still some colour shift. I found decreasing the yellow in the images all by itself also worked, but at the occasional expense of the actual image tone.

Anyway I need to shoot some more varied scenes before I decide if it’s worth getting a new lens in that range. The old lens looks best in B&W:

Shadow of the Dog

That’s picture #5, square cropped and desaturated to monochrome.

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