Getting the hang of it

The Lumix ZS60 is starting to produce some decent pictures. I have to say it has taken me longer to get this camera ‘usable’ than any other. It still needs the colour balance turned down a little bit, but that and the other settings are almost exactly right now. The camera definitely has an ‘artistic bent’:

Two birds flying
Another sunset
Refreshed snow

It still can’t take a decent moon shot, though:


Snapshots it can handle:

Snow pawtrol

Close-ups went from this:


To this:

Snow cocoon

And the detail on medium shots is now fairly good:

Make of it what you will

Edit to add: I’ve now got the colour temperature set to 7800°K, and it seems to be right for the light here;

Orange in snow

So now that I’ve finally got the camera settings where it will produce a good picture, what I need is some good shooting opportunities.

Unfortunately according to the forecast it’s about to snow heavily. *sigh*


2 thoughts on “Getting the hang of it

  1. Hi Marc, it seems like you are getting to grips with the new purchase for sure… some nice shots there my friend…. I suppose it just goes to show what can be achieved, and you just have to take on the idea of “its fun” to learn a new cameras setup …. enjoy the new camera… and fingers crossed for decent weather to enable you to use it to its full potential… kr… Lynd


    1. Lynd, truly this camera has been the most difficult to ‘dial in’. Almost always you get acceptable if limited results with default settings, but this one just did not perform good enough as it was.

      Now I wait out the latest snowstorm.


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