Four views

It hasn’t been good picture-taking weather here lately, so I’ve only just managed to finish this series I started quite some time ago. I wasn’t really sure where it was going or what I would do with it, to tell the truth. It ended up being four random shots from four different cameras. Each has a small story behind it.

Latest Snow – Kodak P850
Mr. Downy – Nikon P610
Fallen Leaf – Canon T100
Sunrise – Kodak V1003

The first picture, “Latest Snow”, was taken at ISO 80, to fly in the face of the current trend of hyper speed. Also the camera kept freezing because it was -12.

The second, “Mr. Downy”, was shot on a horribly overcast day with the air full of mist which did a real number on the sharpness and exposure. Yet a little post-processing salvaged the image.

The third, “Fallen Leaf”, is the most interesting subject with the way the curled leaf has been caught in a spider’s web. The colour shows how warm our light is at this time of year too.

The fourth image, “Sunrise”, is further testament to how you can take quite decent pictures with an inexpensive camera. Alas I did have to tweak it a bit because the V1003 has lost its ability to render contrast and colour correctly, but the adjustment is still minor.

I’m not sure how many more photos I will take this year. We’re in the stage of Winter where it manages to be miserably cold and also lacking interesting snowfall. Getting out and about will become more difficult, and most of my favourite subjects have gone into hibernation.

I wish I could.

3 thoughts on “Four views

  1. Hm. When I first glanced at the photos, I would have thought the last one was the most expensive camera. That photo just seems a little crisper than the others. Goes to show that I don’t know much about photography, and even less about cameras.

    (I’m with you about taking outside photos in winter; too cold, too icy, usually poor lighting. I’ve been doing what little I can inside instead.)


    1. Oh it’s a good camera, just not an expensive one.
      Your photo “Mirrored Glasses” shows you have a good eye. If you crop the dark off the left and right sides and the red off the bottom so the image is “tighter” – just the glasses and immediate background – you’ve got an award winner there.


      1. I debated on cropping off the sides and the bottom, but then decided since I called it “mirrored” I should show the edges of the mirror – and I left the red at the bottom to highlight the reflection in the glasses. I think I might edit it your way, though, and publish that as a second version and see what kind of response I get. Thanks.

        (PS – I’ve never been told one of my pictures had “award winning” potential. For that, I thank you very, very much.)


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