A work of art: Fujifilm X-Pro3

Well the people at Fuji really know cameras. Let me state right off I have not bought one, but I would if I could. It’s not just aesthetically beautiful, its specifications are really compatible with my idea of a working camera. Too bad my tastes exceed my wallet.

Fuji promo photo

There are some complaints about the design already, which I find ironic because some of the things others don’t like are exactly what I do. This includes not only the retro styling and eye level optical finder, but the fact the LCD display is hidden away unless you fold it out. My Nikon’s is like that, and I don’t often fold it out. My Canon’s is fixed on the back and I basically use it just for camera info: the Fuji has a separate fixed rear screen just for that purpose. They must have been reading my mind. Film simulation modes! Shutter speed dials! Dedicated controls! Oh my!

Fuji promo photo

The only thing I don’t like is the price, currently showing as $2,700, and not because I think that’s stupid expensive but only because it’s out of my league. If I preach to the masses not to overspend on equipment I’m not going to turn hypocrite and do it myself. If I were a professional photographer I’d probably find a way to justify it. If I were a rich man, I’d buy it simply as a work of art. As it is I’m neither. But if there were a camera dealer near me that carried these I’d lie about it just to pop an SD card in and try a few shots for the feel.

Or maybe not, as that sort of thing can lead to going overboard. Hmm. Maybe I’ll check that lottery jackpot …


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