Into the deep freeze

It’s been cold here. One morning it was -22°C (-8°F). This is coming early for the area. It curtails a lot of activity, like photography. I mean, have you ever tried working a camera with insulated gloves on? Not that the gloves make much difference against the cold. Well I took them off and made a few shots anyway.

Frost on the glass
Winter wire
Post top
Frosted fir
Waxing crescent
Picture 2000 Nikon P610

All photos taken with the Nikon P610 except “Frosted fir” which was shot with the Kodak V1003 as I was passing by that tree in the car. The last image is the two thousandth photo taken with the Nikon, meaning all my current cameras have now exceeded that number of exposures – equivalent to 83+ rolls of 35mm film. I guess it’s time to buy a new camera, eh? 😀 Maybe I’ll wait for it to warm up a bit; it’s -20°C this morning.


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