Photos without a $5,000 camera

The following images were taken with a Kodak V1003 that I got essentially for free as it was part of my Dad’s estate. It was one of the few things I brought back with me. I saved it because I had used it there and liked the way it worked, even if the handling is clumsy. Unfortunately the screen is fading and so is the sensor. The processing time has increased noticeably, and sometimes the display is awash with pink. I know one day it will quit working altogether, but until then I will use it.

It’s only 10 MP with a meager 3X zoom (36-108mm) and is lacking many of the features so common on even smart phone cameras these days, such as image stabilizing. In reality most of those ‘features’ are irrelevant, especially if you are a good photographer. Am I a good photographer? Look at the photos and tell me.


I post-shoot processed these a bit to compensate for the failing sensor’s colour rendition and the difficulty the camera now has with unusual lighting situations. This amounted to basically three steps: white balance adjustment, desaturation, and contrast tweaking. I went with B&W not only to side-step the colour problems but also because it concentrates the image on the subject rather than “colour clutter”. Shape, form, and texture in monochrome.

As for what will happen when the camera finally fails completely, I don’t know. Having a slip-in-your-pocket unit that you can carry anywhere all the time is a great asset. But there are few like this anymore. Most of them have more megapixels and more features and more functions. And certainly higher price tags.

4 thoughts on “Photos without a $5,000 camera

  1. Hi Marc, in a word… YES….to the question…especially like the vice pic… spotting that on the back of a truck body…..good foresight….overall they all are excellent… I would of liked to see a pic of the dirty licence plate on the Vice pic… or even the set of taillights… but I like single subject “tight pics”…. well done… and the bit of tweaking isn’t noticeable at all… BW concentrates the mind… as you point out… kind regards… L

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