So I was reading a nice little blog written by someone who had bought a Fuji X100F as a “change” from all the high-price RAW-O-MATIC © equipment they’d been using. Looks like a cute little point-n-shoot camera, I thought. Low and behold it has an optical viewfinder! How quaint. Okay, so about $300 or so right?

More like $1,500.


I’m beginning to think so.

It’s bad enough you go around making the same framing & composition mistakes rank amateurs do (and utterly fail to notice), but between your fanboy insistence on shooting RAW format, your shoot-until-you-get-a-good-shot methodology, and your inexplicable inability to comprehend value for dollar I can only conclude that you are nuts.

Of course any of you who don’t fall into those traps are exempt from the condemnation.

I will now go back to working on my next series of utterly stunning and unquestionably perfect images that will be taken with my Kodak V1003 that I got for free.

Looking Into Space


6 thoughts on “RANT!

  1. Marc…. don’t hold back will you…… its a good point mind… far too much money is spent on gear … no wonder the latest buzz words are “All the gear and no idea”…. I do however shoot with a fuji… (a xe1 and 18-55 fuji kit lens) and there are features and such like that I haven’t even used yet… total layout… £250….and for most folk it would be over specced… but todays idea is not to take decent photos… its about perception… the perception that you “can and normally do” take wonderful arty farty photos …. just what have we become eh… br L

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    1. I’m not knocking Fuji cameras as they make some great ones. But the spec/price on that model seems to be from La-La Land. Nor am I knocking the idea that pros need a little ‘upgrade’ in quality (such as all-metal body for durability or weather-sealing). But when I see them thinking they’re buying something ‘inexpensive’ and spend more cash than my entire collection is worth … you really have to wonder if they’ve worked out the cost/benefit ratio.


  2. Everything’s so damn expensive now…. I’ve got an old Lumix that has seen better days. I took a lot of photos with it when it was new, now not so much… but when I come to replace it, what the heck can I replace it with that is not only good but doesn’t cost the earth?


    1. Good question. One’s budget tends to dictate all, as with so many things.
      My “go-to” camera is a Nikon P610 I bought several years ago for around $400. Definitely has proven to be worth it, with surprisingly good optics despite having a ridiculously long zoom (60X). I bought a cheap Canon DSLR (EOS Rebel T100) this past year for experimenting with, and it has proven itself already as well. The ‘kit glass’ is not so great, but I like to use it with the old manual lenses I had from my Pentax Spotmatic. Not something for everyday shooting, but that’s not what I got it for. Again it was around $400. On the other hand so was my ancient Kodak P850, which I also still use.
      I guess you have to weigh what you can afford to spend against what kind of use it will be put to. Pretty sure you won’t be looking at Sony Alphas.

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