A Tale of Two Photos

Here are a couple of images with several differences. They were taken with two different cameras at two different times. One was taken outside, one was taken inside. One is of darkness, one is of light.

Yet there are similarities. Both were post-shoot processed with a quick “White Balance” adjustment. Neither came out the way I expected. Still they are both good pictures.

Night Vision – Nikon P610

This was done while experimenting with the Nikon’s low-light capabilities, which are not very good. For one thing I found that if you crank the ISO up above 800 it becomes nothing but random colour information (this is actually not a B&W picture) rather than actual imaging of what’s there. For another, its shutter speed is limited to a maximum of 15 seconds when using ISO 100 in manual mode (a distinct disadvantage). Increasing the ISO to 6400 (+6 stops) shortens the maximum shutter time to where it makes no difference for the exposure. Never mind the hype; cameras can not see as well as the human eye.

Flame On – Canon T100

Here we see the Canon is better at handling unusual lighting situations, such as this burning log. However in its ‘original’ form it looked like a blur of orange, but the slight WB correction brought out the texture and shapes within the flame.

In both cases we have an example of things turning out not as expected, yet still turning out ‘right’.

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