Random thoughts and images

It’s been one of those weeks where there was too much to do and I did too much. The good news being the wood harvest is over:


At least for this year. The bad news is the weather has gone cold and damp and the wood is going through the stove, making demands on me for splitting and handling. I guess I never get past working with wood. I took the ‘A’ frames down off the shed that didn’t get completed, and it still hasn’t been because again the weather has interfered with my latest plans for it.

It also interferes with photography. I don’t like taking myself out in the cold and damp, never mind the cameras! Anyway on the last logging trip I stopped to take a couple of landscape shots of the mountains. I usually don’t do landscapes, which is odd considering the country around here. Here’s one from the Canon and another from the Nikon:



You can just see the Xterra in the bottom of the Canon shot. I should have either included it or left it out, but seeing through the finder is a bit of a guessing game so … I could crop it out, I suppose. The vehicle itself went in for service last Wednesday and after three days they only found one thing wrong and admitted changing that may not correct the overheating problem. I guess I’ve owned it too long and it’s taken on my disorder; they can see the symptoms but can’t find the cause. Just like me.

Anyway the full moon came and with it bad weather so once again … well I tried anyway:


A bit artsy I admit. There’s supposed to be a really good meteor shower this weekend, but considering you can’t even see the sun through the cloud cover … I’ll just have to wait until it’s worth taking a lens outside.

Speaking of lenses, I find myself regretting not having brought a few back from NY last year. If I’d known then and all that, I would certainly have selected a few from the dozens (possibly hundreds) that were there. At the very least I should have thought to ship back my Exacta V with its 58mm Meyer Primoplan f1.9* – both because that was my first SLR and the lens is one of the best I’ve ever seen. Didn’t have the Canon yet, so I wasn’t thinking like that. Damn. I also have looked at new, higher quality lenses for the T100 but still balk at the idea of paying more for a lens than the whole camera cost. Canon needs to get their act together on this as the kit lenses are noticeably inferior to the optics on the Nikon ‘bridge’ camera.

Meanwhile Winter is creeping in on us:


It’s currently below freezing with snow in the offing but no significant threat yet. Definitely in a transition period right now. A few things I have to go out and do next week, but for this weekend … just taking it easy. That’s unusual for me, but I suspect it may need to become the norm. The adrenaline from the need to get the harvest done has worn off and the backlash is upon me.


One last moon picture, because you can never have too many moon pictures.

*They make a brand new version of this lens. It costs €1,599.00 :O I think I’ll pass on that!

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