Picture 2001

The moon was full and interesting last night as the clouds of the day were slinking away leaving the radiating orb with its aura. I hadn’t expected it, but when I stepped out with the dogs there it was in the dark glowing like a mystic symbol. I dashed in, grabbed the Nikon, and shot a couple of views. The ol’ P610 made its usual complaints about focus and exposure and of course in the significant dark I couldn’t see the controls to make any adjustments.

So I dashed back in and grabbed the Canon and tried again. It too complained about exposure and focus but the controls are in more sensible places on the T100 and I took a few varied shots. I hadn’t been paying attention that the image counter was nearing 2000, but in this series it went over. That’s since I got the camera back in June. This makes it the camera with the most shots in the least time. Ever. Out of a field of hundreds of cameras I’ve owned. Yes, I quite like this one; it’s a lot of fun.

As it turned out Picture 2000 is, well, a little white disc in a field of black as I fiddled with settings to try to get something interesting. I did not succeed in capturing exactly what my eyes saw (such is rare in low light), but this is the best of the bunch.


It’s interesting how much things changed in the short time between the first Nikon shot and this one with the Canon. Here’s the first, with the misty glow that messed with focus (I am dependent on auto focus because my eyes don’t):


Remember: no matter how much experience you’ve had, how good your equipment is, or how well-versed you are in photography … it doesn’t always work out.

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