September Gallery

All taken with the Kodak P850.

Frosted Grass

We’ve already had several killing frosts this season. In fact as I write this it’s 24°F (-4°C).


A couple of horses from the herd down the road.

Like A Painting

The subdued colour rendition on this reminded me of a painting by Constable or Turner perhaps.


This is the outlet to the lake. The colours here were opposite of the previous picture due to the different lighting: this one early morning, the previous one early evening. Time of day makes a big difference to how cameras see things.


As I said, time of day. Here the setting sun behind the trees is reflecting off the cloud mass in the sky.

Up High

A raven fighting for altitude just for the joy of it. He was way up there and apparently enjoying himself. Or herself perhaps.

3 thoughts on “September Gallery

  1. 24 degrees?! I’m not ready for winter just yet. In fact, our leaves have only just started to change, and I hope to get out for some fall photos this year. Last year there was too much rain, and we had very little fall. I got 0 pictures.


    1. I don’t shoot in the rain either. Some people do. I don’t like it. Snow is okay; it doesn’t get you wet instantly and usually stays out of the camera. But not rain.


      1. I once shot in the shower, but that was with my cheap old camera. I wouldn’t attempt it now with the better cameras. (PS – the shower head photo turned out really well – the water spray coming down was pretty effective.)


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