Monday on Friday

It started Wednesday. My eldest grandson is here to give me a hand. We went out to the cabin – and had to come back because some of the logging equipment had gone AWOL. Found it at home, but a bit late then.

We went back Thursday. Surprisingly, when the partridge flew into the windshield it didn’t shatter the glass. Neither did the stone a truck kicked up on the way back. I set my assistant to digging out dirt while I hunted logs. He moved more dirt in one day than I could shift in a week. Oh to be 20 and strong! I don’t remember being either.

The trees I was cutting turned out to be quite long. In fact of the four I had to slice into, all are over 100 feet. This is looking good for harvest, except for some slight accessibility problems. I spent more time chaining up, dragging, re-hooking, maneuvering … the actual cutting was easy. Anyway the yard is full of at least two loads of wood now. Everything looking up, even if my feet felt like exploding. Not used to that much activity in one day.

Monday hit on Friday after the second shopping stop. Bad enough I’d just blown $180 on dog and cat food. Now the stores were “helping” by not having things. I swung down to the gas station, neatly avoiding the congested streets of the farmers’ market, and … their pumps weren’t taking cards. All down. O-kay. It’s just that after two trips to the cabin in a row I’m more than a little low on gas.

Nip over to the bank to get cash out. ATM rejects my card. Stand in line to find out why. “Oh our new machines are really sensitive and your card is worn out.” Pretty amazing since I hardly ever use that particular card. It couldn’t be that your new machines are crap and don’t work well? No, it has to be my barely used card being “worn out”. Never mind, there are other banks and other gas stations.

As a matter of fact when I went to the next station I encountered a miracle: never before have any of my bank cards worked at their pumps (hence why I usually avoid that station), this time it did. The one I use all the time. The one that’s probably more worn than the bank card that doesn’t work. The down side is that they were taking advantage of the other station being out of commission during the height of tourist season and the fill-up cost me $76. Admittedly I only had about 10 litres left, but still …

Okay, stop in at the other bank we use and get cash out of their ATM because I’m told we need some. So did everyone else in town: out of cash. I’m behind schedule and have made too many stops already and I’m feeling it. Time to check in at home and see just how important the remainder of the list is.

Phone doesn’t work. Funny ’cause on August 23 they sent me a text message saying they’d nicked another $10 and refilled my minutes. It’s barely been on since then, never mind used. Now it’s “emergency use only”. Uh-huh. And when I got home I found herself had tried to call me and got dumped to “the phone is off”. Gosh I’m so glad I pay for that thing. Let’s see, so far it fails to work any time I actually need it to. That’s helpful. I don’t know if it’s their incompetence or they are trying to drive me to buy a stinking smart phone but … They can forget about getting their money this month: it doesn’t work, so I’m not paying. I can have a phone that doesn’t work for $0 per month.

So I can’t consult on the rest of the list. I get what I can remember and think we really need. Missed one item. Okay, she sent grandson back after it. We’re good. We’ll be better when my blood pressure goes back down.

Oh and I need to get a flashing amber light for the Xterra because it seems to be invisible to all other traffic in its native black colour scheme.


“There’s a time when the moon reveals its face through the clouds.

I let out a sigh, and want to cry out loud.” – theme from Cybersix

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