The Moon’s a Balloon

Nearly a week past the full moon when I glanced up at the sky in the morning and saw it just starting to fade. I had the Kodak around my neck, and took this shot:


Obviously not the best camera for taking moon pictures, so I dashed back in the house and grabbed the Canon – after switching to the long lens and screwing the polarizer on to enhance contrast. I took a few shots, some with trees showing and some with just the moon:


A little better, but of course the Nikon has the longest focal length capacity so … back in and back out and snap some more images:


Of course you can play around with shots after you get them, so:


And to make use of the Canon’s 18MP, a little post-shooting digital zooming:


What is the purpose of these shots? None, really: I’m just goofing around – and having fun.


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