WordPress is DEAD

UPDATE: They seem to have fixed the “no media access” problem, but it is still running unusably slow.

Well I’ve just wasted a good deal of time attempting to write another blog entry and finding that not only is the site running like molasses in Winter but it won’t let me access my stored media – keeps shutting down the window.

I suppose this is a ploy to get people to pay for it. Nice try. If you want to offer limited services for free, don’t curtail them and then offer to give them back for money. That’s dishonest. I’ve barely touched the allotted storage capacity here and it’s become a struggle to produce even a short entry.

No, it is not my computer or Internet connection: this is the only site acting up at the moment. I’m well-familiar with how these things work and how to tell which part is not working.

Let me know if it ever works again.

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