Small luck

Some more photos from the Canon, using various lenses and techniques. File this under “it’s the destination that matters, not how you go”. 😀


An “infrared” shot.

I keep trying these, and finding more unintended yet desirable results.


Lone Dog.

From my “Tri-X simulation” experiment. This is a pretty accurate rendition. It reminded me why I didn’t use a lot of Tri-X film; I don’t like the stuff.


Invasion of the Clackers.

These grasshoppers show up every year.


Seeds Seen.

A little playing around as I was trying to correct the 35mm Takumar’s yellowness.


Don’t Fly Away.

Given my limited venue at the moment, going macro is the best way to expand the horizons.


Raven Flight.

This was shot with the 18-55mm @ full tele. Then I took advantage of the 18MP to crop the image and make the bird bigger; post-processing digital zoom. This picture has tipped my decision to buy the 55-250mm zoom, which I was hemming and hawing about after first deciding to then negating the order the morning I was going to get it – after which I took this shot (and some others) and changed my mind again!

As it used to say on the Tonight Show: More to Come.



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