Me on Monday

Last week I tried to cancel my upcoming MRI, despite having waited so long to get it. The reason wasn’t even a nicely selfish one like “I know it won’t do any good” (which it won’t). It was simply that I was having trouble putting together the arrangements to see to everything so that I could go to the city overnight and get it done. Well they wouldn’t let me cancel it. By that I mean after sorting my way through the phone menu until I reached the department I was informed they don’t really take calls anyway and no one answered. Gosh, that’s nice of them.

By sheer luck I managed to get arrangements made and went to get the blood draw only “one day late” (they want it within 2 weeks of the test). I don’t know why they want it, as there’s no dye involved or anything so what difference does it make? No one explained. I don’t really care. No matter, as I got the results the next day (Saturday) and there was no real difference from the previous one last month. Given the nature of the results, I will now likely be referred to a nephrologist. Not that that will do any good either.

I sort of shot my bolt on Friday by doing the blood draw and some errands as well as mowing some more lawn. That first: when I use the string trimmer, my hands end up tingling. So on Thursday I did some with the push mower. My hands ended up tingling. Aha, let’s just ride around then; nothing to vibrate or push back and forth, just twist the wheel.

My hands ended up tingling.

This is probably not a good sign. They don’t do it when I just drive, but it appears any increased, sustained grip causes some really negative feedback. Oh goody. I’m about to make a 2+ hour drive. Again. Hmm. Better keep an eye on it, as the last thing I want is for my hands to stop working when they’re trying to control a vehicle at 100 KPH. Unlike when they just drop things around the house.

One of the errands I did was to order new glasses. Fortunately I was able to get them whole from this place for what the other wanted for just frames. Still expensive. And I had to change my mindset about glasses; I really only use them for driving these days. Everything else can be out of focus without it mattering much. I skipped on the reading lenses too, as I seem to manage that okay so far. If circumstances get worse I can revisit that.

Well I had things I wanted to do Saturday, but you know I just couldn’t get up the gumption to do them. I sat and felt that if I rested up for a day … ha ha ha ha! That’s a joke. There is no such thing as “resting up”, there is only “exhausted and not doing things” and “exhausted and doing things”.

Curiously, my step-daughter has recently succumbed to similar symptoms but with different blood test results. Now she is going through the doctor-after-doctor regimen with probably no conclusive results. We could form a club: “Don’t Bother Us We Haven’t Got The Energy To Put Up With You Club”. The difference is she is young and has two little children so has no choice whatsoever. As an old retired guy I can skip amazing amounts of activities I’m not up to. Except for tending the animals, which is a lot like looking after small children except they rest more.

The cabin is a loss this year. I can’t get to work on it and if I could it wouldn’t be much and it’s already late for getting anything finished. The contractor said he may be able to tie up the loose ends from last year’s work in a few weeks, but couldn’t do anything more until next year. All gone wrong. As usual.

Meanwhile my wife is still stuck in England trying to get a handle on the situation with her sister, and isn’t getting much co-operation there either.

I can’t even manage to get out anywhere and take some more pictures, which will put a crimp in those plans.

I think the term that fits here is “nadir”.

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