Loose lens, I mean ends

Just a few things I’ve done lately while experimenting without any particular purpose in mind.

First off, a demonstration of what a polarizer lens can do. The first shot is with the polarizer not blocking glare, the second with it twisted to eliminate as much as possible.


Notice it doesn’t completely eliminate the reflected clouds, but it does reduce them greatly and under different circumstances could knock out unwanted glare completely.

Another thing it can do is enhance contrast ever-so-slightly. Again, first shot without and second shot with the lens twisted to achieve maximum effect:


Next we have two B&W shots showing the difference between the Canon’s widest angle of 18mm and the 28mm Super Takumar. Camera on tripod and only the lens changed between shots:


Despite the fact both shots were at “the same” exposure (ISO 100, 1/250, f8) the Takumar is slightly darker and has better contrast. This is either a difference in the interpretation of the aperture between lenses or in the composition of them. On the whole I like the Takumar better.

This next one is an experiment with a so-called “infrared filter”, which is just a very dense red filter. Although an interesting effect, it is not infrared and not the effect I was after. Some more experimentation is due here as mostly the camera can not manage a proper exposure or focus on its own and even seeing through this in bright daylight for framing and focus is impossible. Great if you want to take a picture of the red sun, though.


My next “experiment”, if I can get co-operation from the world at large, will be to shoot some “normal” pictures in the manner of “a roll of film where every frame matters” rather than this blasting away with dozens of minor variations.

Unless I think of something more interesting to try, that is.

Post Script: I finally shot some images in RAW format. Can’t see the reason of it, frankly. It takes too long to get the data resolved to an image you can just have in JPEG to begin with. I guess if your intent was to do something really extreme in post-processing … well I haven’t got that many years left to waste them on RAW.

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