Canon: the final experiment

If you believe that you are too gullible for your own good. 😀

While waiting on delivery of the adapter and extender that will finally allow me to put the T100 to good use, I had to poke around a bit more with its abilities. I haven’t even touched any of the in-camera special effects, but I’ve shot the equivalent of three more rolls of film. Most of this is tedious checking of one variation against another, so a lot of dull, same-scene shooting.

For example here I’m checking white balance. Indeed I shot the same view with every one of the pre-programmed settings, some of which came out ridiculously awful. You’d expect nothing different trying tungsten setting in daylight. These two shots are automatic and custom (where you tell the camera “this is white”):


There is a subtle but noticeable difference. I found that the ‘Shade’ and “Cloudy’ settings (7000K and 6000K respectively) gave better results than Auto or Daylight, and with good reason; I’m at significant elevation above sea level here and the sky really is bluer. In fact UV exposure is an issue; it causes finishes to fade fast and increases the risk of skin cancer. The Custom setting is the most true-to-life, albeit it still betrays the sensor’s blue-leaning and low red rendition. (Interestingly, colour film has the red layer at the back because the longer wavelengths that are red light can travel through the intermediate shades with little effect. Some people purposefully shoot film inverted to counter this, resulting in images with decided red tones – an exaggerated opposite of what digital camera sensors achieve. You can do the same thing with a filter while shooting, or in post-processing.)

I have also done some “non-experimental” shots to test how the camera handles “normal” pictures, like Duncan dog standing to attention:


A pretty average and acceptable snapshot.

I found an old REO truck alongside a road. It was somewhat inaccessible, being too high above the road and too far on someone’s property to get a good shot with the Canon’s limited zoom (should have had the Nikon P610 for this). But cropping comes to the rescue:


It will be interesting to see what the extender and use of the old Pentax lenses can do with the same view. At 55mm this is equal to about 88mm on a 35mm camera, so the 135mm Vivitar should be quite an increase from that. I also have a Soligor 85-205mm f3.8 that should be interesting to try (although it’s pretty heavy by today’s standards).

For this next shot I had to get down low, as not only was the plant very short (and I’m not) but the flowers face downward. This is a wild yellow lily as far as I know, but I’ve heard them called other things as well:


In keeping with my categories of pictures, here’s a project I’ve yet to finish:


From the way the weather has been behaving lately it looks like I won’t get a chance to finish it either. Oh well, it’s been about six years so far …

Finally, because I like doing abstracts, an abstract. Curiously this is yet another project which I haven’t got to finish yet. But there’s always a chance I may do so someday, right?


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