Canon T100, “roll 2”

The second roll of film, so to speak. This one turned out to be 36 exposures because I was having so much fun. No, they’re not all winners by far; it’s still largely experimental as I continue to get the feel of the camera. This time the major change was to turn of Auto White Balance and set it for daylight, as film doesn’t magically adjust for lighting conditions. On the whole there was no noticeable change, but I haven’t tried anything under artificial light. Even cloudy skies didn’t throw it off. I call that success.

IMG_0047If a tree falls in the back yard and a dog hears it, is the dog to blame? Probably. *LOL* Notice the colour is just the same as previous pics with AWB turned on. Interestingly I was expecting some change (improvement) in the effect of the polarizer filter with AWB off. Instead I saw none. I’ll admit mine is a bit old (and fogging around the edges) but it does appear that as far as digital sensors are concerned the polarizing effect is limited to reducing reflective glare; there is no noticeable contrast enhancement as found with film (in pictures of clouds, for example). Not quite as bad a the UV filter’s “as good as a piece of glass” results, but still disappointing.

Now here we play “guess the film”; I played with pink (which looks like out-of-date something-or-other), brown (which gives a sort of Ekta-film look), and gray (see below). The gray filter alters the colours to look like an older photo that’s lost some of its dye saturation. I may do more of this later, as I rather like the effect.


Reduced saturation in the green, albeit at the expense of further reduction in red rendition as well (which the sensors aren’t good at to begin with). Can be nice under certain circumstances:


Yes, I’m getting a bit artistic now as I become more comfortable with the camera. For art you need good subjects, though. Some insects obliged me. By selective cropping and some slight enhancement we get results like this:


No, I didn’t paint those zeroes on it! I do miss the extreme zoom of the Nikon P610 for shots of this type, but even so I can crop to good results as these next two pics demonstrate:


Yes, those are both the same image.

Sometimes you have to do a bit more work to get good results, like when the lighting is against you:


And of course there’s controlling depth of field. One thing still missing from these modern lenses is a focusing ring with DOF/aperture indicator like this:


One of the lenses I plan to use on this camera if the adapter ever shows up: a Vivitar 135mm f2.8 M42 mount.

Still we do the best we can with what we’ve got:


On the whole I’d say this Canon EOS Rebel T100 is giving me exactly what I was looking for, making my record of choosing “complex” digital cameras 3 for 3. I’ve already ordered a 2X ‘front element telephoto’ as well as the yet-to-arrive M42 lens adapter.

I may be coughing with every breath and facing imminent extinction, but for now I’m having fun.

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