I was right

Too make a long story short … I can’t. It’s a long story and I’ll trim it as much as possible for the sake of anyone reading.

So I go to the Big City on Tuesday. Arriving early despite traffic delays, I spend some time killing time before it’s time to check into the motel. I do this by trying to locate certain items that were on my list in certain stores that turn out not to have them. Oh goody.  This starts with the One Store On Earth That May Possibly Still Have That Camera You Want and goes downhill from there. Some success at the thrift store where instead of getting what I was after I found a camera bag for the P610 and get it cheap because I’m an old man and they give a seniors’ discount.

Motel check-in goes okay, although I have to cool my heels for a while until they’ve finished cleaning the room. Talked with the desk clerk abut various things including how the new hospital parking is always full and why. No worries; it’s across the street and I’ll just walk over when ready.

Oh joy, that didn’t go well. A couple of blocks walking to get there, up the elevator – still doing okay – all the way to Admissions – now breathing pretty damn hard – and the pulmonary clinic has moved since I was last seen and it’s not just around the corner anymore. In fact I have to go back to the first building and – by the time I get there I’m gasping and sweating and probably worrying people that I should be in the cardiac unit. Anyway I got to sit down and rest while filing out a form before the testing.

The Testing. Obviously a procedure designed by Torquemada. One of his more subtle efforts. The side effects include headache, dizziness, a sense that your eyes have been sucked into your skull, over-all feeling of turning to jelly, and the curious combination of oxygen deprivation and hyperventilation at the same time. The technician said I definitely had difficulty and there was a decrease from last time but not markedly so. I still sat out in the waiting room for half an hour before venturing back to the motel. Oh and no one there knew how to do the e-mail sign up and the people at the Admissions desk were gone when I went and looked – yes another long walk for nothing. I sat there a while before leaving. Motel has bed. What a good idea.

Wednesday dawned early and several times because of all the people who don’t understand they are having their 2:00 AM argument outside what is basically a building full of people trying to sleep. How self-centered can you get, eh? I hung on until 5:00 and gave in. Watched some stupid TV from the USA (you people have no idea your country is metaphorically burning, do you?) and eventually got ready to check out.

But the appointment with the specialist wasn’t until 1:30, so again I have hours to kill. Again I go to stores and have small success at getting anything. I even filled up the gas tank and did the shopping I was going to do after seeing the doctor so I could just leave from there and go home. Home was sounding really good.

The doctor wasn’t much help, which was no surprise. We went over the whole EIGHT YEAR history again. He looked at the other doctors’ reports and did what any self-respecting physician does when he doesn’t know what to do: ordered more tests. Also tried to palm me off on another specialist AGAIN, just as the other specialist tried. You know, I’ve seen four doctors who have each specifically said “don’t worry, we’ll get to the bottom of this” and none of them have. Three of them gave up, in fact. This time, acting on some pretty firm insistence from me, I may get referred back to the neurologist with a notation to specifically check for signs of MS. I’m not holding my breath waiting for that to happen, though.

The drive home was welcome. I went past the latest ‘local’ wildfire which was being whipped up by the winds. By the time I got home the highway had been closed due to the fire, so lucky me. It was under control by morning though. Here’s a shot I took of it:


And now … nothing. A whole lot of it until there’s something. Maybe another Big Bang which will create a new universe while destroying this one. I’m all for it.

Addendum: I managed to sign up for on-line viewing of my health records. There’s a disturbingly large amount, just after moving to this area. I can see the visit records, test results, and some consultation reports. The latest one on the respiratory test is there, and it says just what the respirologist said; weakened breathing muscles but good lung function. Over-all it sounds a lot like something weird going on with the muscles, but since they’ve looked at that (save a biopsy) the second choice would be a nerve problem. So we’re back to “probably MS”.

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