Salvage operation

Two renditions of one photo. This was taken with a cheap camera (Canon Elph) under early morning low light conditions.


Pretty bad, eh? You can barely make out it’s a woodchuck (or groundhog if you prefer). So I tried quite a few tricks in GIMP to improve it. The only thing that gave me what I felt were plausible results was knocking the brightness down 20 and cranking the contrast up 80. The various “enhancement” filters had no noticeable effect.


It comes out a bit ‘artsy’; like an attempt at simulating a painting. This goes to show that even in this age of post-processing wonderment nothing beats getting it right in the camera to begin with.

I have also been debating writing more about the Great Disaster of 2018, but fear the content would only make readers cringe and groan at the losses. Hindsight is not only always 20/20, but amazingly sharply focused, perfectly exposed, and with great depth of field. Sometimes it’s better if memories take on a more artistic rendition.

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