It’s Monday, but it was Wednesday

What an exciting day. Got this great deal on some paving bricks to redo the back of the cabin. Nice. Drove in to town to get them and the fellow helped me load up the trailer. It took half an hour. I’m feeling good; the chest pain is behaving itself. Say, why not take the rig out to the cabin and unload it and maybe do a bit of work there? Sounds good! Probably take me an hour to unload since it’s just me but what the hell, right?

Along the way I can’t help but notice the trailer is wallowing behind me like a hippo. Fair amount of weight in it, I guess, as I can feel the acceleration down the hills and the engine struggle climbing up them. Besides, the tires are a bit squat. More on this later.

O-kay! Now we need a place nearby yet out of the way to stack the 260+ bricks. Hmm. There really isn’t one. Wherever they go they’ll either be too far to fetch once that stage of work starts or will be tripped over or run over or damaged by a falling satellite or incoming ballistic missile. Gotta stack ’em somewhere though, so … Here they are, all stacked in stooks:


(I splashed some water on them to show the colour better.)

How long did that take? A few breaks for donuts and drinks to keep me going. Got to pace myself, y’know. Take it easy. TWO HOURS?! Who said I could take it that easy? I’m sweating like a pig now – no, bad analogy as pigs don’t sweat, do they? I’m puffing like a steam engine. Also a bad analogy. I’m tired, sweating, and breathing hard like an old man who has just done more physical labour than he should have. Not very poetic, but technically accurate.

I saw a black bear come down the roadway. I thought I could quietly grab my camera out of the truck and get a picture of him. Nope. He saw me and ran off. I scare bears.

Too bad I don’t scare mosquitoes. A few of them about. More than a few.

Well I hate to go back with an empty trailer so maybe I’ll just slice a few rounds off that tree near the road before I go. Ha, ha. Cutting wasn’t hard. In fact moving the rounds wasn’t hard, as I roll them and tilt them into the trailer rather than lift them. Okay, turns out it was hard. Really hard. And you know those mosquitoes who aren’t afraid of me? They brought all their friends. Bloody things swarming around while I try to finish up and get out of there.

Right. Turn the A/C up full and freeze the buggers out of the cab! Roll down a window and shag them out. Get out on the highway. Er, logging road. Keep trying to get rid of the damn bugs. My goodness this trailer pulls easier with just fifteen rounds of wood in it. Got home. Probably only a few dozen mozzies came with me.

But wait, there’s more! Not going to unload because I’m not that stupid. Just nearly. However the delivery truck shows up with a double order of dog biscuit boxes. You should see how Marley reacts to biscuits; you’d think they’re the best thing in the world. Anyway I carry the boxes in to set them on the counter.

That’s when I screamed.

That’s when my world went horribly wrong.

After all that physical labour, a couple of boxes of biscuits and … right arm seized completely. Friend Wife examines it; muscle is totally rigid and contracted, hand can’t move. Okay, we have pills for that. She pours me a drink, I take the pill, and expect to do a little left-handed browsing while it takes effect.

Left hand suddenly spasms and seizes.

Brilliant. I’m pushing all the buttons in the control room and nothing is happening. Hello paralysis! Sit and wait and wait and wonder. Slowly the spasms die off and movement returns. Wow. That was fun. Not. I’d like to say such events are unusual, but that isn’t true either.

Maybe I was overdoing it. How much do those bricks weigh, anyhow? (Looks up info on hardware website.) Uh-huh. Multiple by 260 … um … I guess we see why the trailer was doing odd things, as it’s not really meant for hauling 1,560+ lbs. Neither am I.

I got a couple of weeks to the next doctor visit, but this is all getting too weird. In the meantime I think I’ll just skip doing the Hercules impersonation.

Meanwhile, here’s a pic I snapped on the way home:


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