Pills and Ills

The cyclobenzaprine wasn’t doing anything for the now persistent if not consistent chest pain. In fact I was having problems with pain in the feet and legs too, and tried a hot bath to improve circulation. It did nothing. Although getting in and out of the tub aggravated the chest pain.

So I decided to skip the muscle relaxant for a night. The ‘hangover’ effects of those powerful pills are not easily dismissed; you tend to be foggy for hours after finally getting awake. Plus you’re not supposed to take them continually. A few weeks at most. Instead I downed a large Tylenol to subdue the pain and induce the sleep.

Well that didn’t work. Or it did but only for a few hours. Then I spent a lot of the night awake, in pain. I could have taken another but for being too tired to get up and get it. Chest pain, foot pain, leg pain … eventually more sleep – after my wife had got up for the day.

A couple of hours later I woke up. I had to; my hands were tightly clenched and my forearms screaming. What can you do when your muscles decide they are an independent entity not subject to your control?

The curious thing is it’s not the muscles. Or at least it does not originate with them. If you apply a topical form of relief it has little to no effect because the problem is the signals sent to the muscles telling them what to do. This is a messed-up nervous system of some sort.

Another medically interesting aspect is how adrenaline can override the problem and cause things to appear normal, for a short time. If you’re really psyched about something it’s ‘all systems go’ – until you’ve finished the task and then it’s ‘crash like the Hindenburg’. You can’t run on adrenaline all the time, and there’s a big price to pay when you do.

Right now doing as much nothing as possible and counting down to the next useless doctor visit. Ironically that will be under the influence of natural stimulant as it entails a two-hour drive to the city and an overnight stay. I hate to think what shape I’ll be in the day after I get back.

No pictures. I know they’re more interesting than words. Sorry.

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