What happened to Tuesday

My goodness but Robby Burns was right.

Today I was going to the cabin to do more work. Had the rig all loaded too. Put the computer and camera in this morning, grabbed the snacks, and off I went. Stopping first at the transfer station to unload the garbage, where my ever-undependable grasp allowed the first can to go right over the edge and into the bin. Oh well. I had in fact just bought two new ones as these were pretty beat, but I had intended to take them to the cabin for use there. Sometimes you just go with the Zen, alright?

Off I went down the wretched road, and noticed it was sprinkling a bit. The further I went, the more dense the sprinklers. By about 6 kms it was wipers on intermittent and better have the lights glowing. This was not boding well.

Now, on top of all this I’m dealing with a pain that feels a lot like a broken rib on the left side. It has become rather intense and hard to ignore when moving or trying to use the arm. The fact is loading and unloading those garbage cans was quite a feat, even though they were only half full.

Do I continue? It’s raining now, and probably will be out at the cabin. I’d have to go in and out and do things in cool, damp, muddy conditions. With copious amounts of chest pain. Apply the Rule of Zen: turn around at 8 kms and go back before wasting a lot of gasoline for nothing.

Home again. What now? Well there’s this pain in the chest … Unhook trailer, drive in to town, and see how busy the ER is today.

Getting the X-rays was an adventure in pain. Having discussions with the nurse practitioner and duty doctor about the history of this condition, without going overly into detail, was interesting. Being told the bone doesn’t appear broken anywhere was somewhat disappointing. It sure feels broken. Broken is something I can relate to.

So just what is the problem?

Well you know all that coughing? The fits that I thought might have caused the break? The ones that keep trying to choke me to death? The ones caused by spasms in the intercostal muscles due to … well no one has definitively said yet. So this doctor thinks the pain is due to some really bad spasming or possibly damage to one right about there and I need to see someone about what the hell is causing it because eight years is really too long to be messing about with this.

I’m inclined to agree, but no further along than before.

Anyway Tuesday is shot to hell and the future doesn’t look bright.

I’d add a photo here for fun, but the six I took this past weekend are all no good.

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