What is Tuesday for.

It’s too early in the morning to be this late in the day.

Although I have promised some photography blog entries, events have caused me to put them on hold. I am, if you will, pre-writing them in my head in an attempt to make them more coherent than my usual drivel. Probably if I pre-wrote them on paper this would work better.

Anyway yesterday I went to the cabin to see how it fared over the Winter. There was still snow in sheltered spots and an icy pond near the lake shore. Major amounts of downed trees too. So no shortage of firewood this year but …

No damage to the cabin itself, which is good because we just did major renovations to the exterior. Unfortunately it now needs major renovations to the interior, or at the very least all the utilities put back together; the electric, propane, water, and septic are all disconnected. The trouble there is there’s only one person on the planet with sufficient intelligence to do this, and that’s the sodding engineer who designed it all in the first place: me.

Herein lies a tale. Last fall I was still harvesting my own wood. It wasn’t easy, but I did it. Last fall I disconnected those utilities, because I know what I’m doing, so the log people could get on with their work. Over the Winter the most damage was to me, as in I’m not getting through days without work too well never mind with. Will I be able to do the things I need to do? In a reasonable length of time? It looks doubtful as I survey the daunting tasks before me.

In a twist of iron, I got a letter from the government requesting additional info on my disability. Oh, so as long as they don’t think I’m disabled I should be able to do that work! How nice. Reality does not work that way, though. The medical profession continues to drag its collective feet and I get more and more frustrated just trying to survive.

Today is a day for collecting thoughts, organizing, and possibly making tentative plans. Nothing is certain except uncertainty.


There it is: our home away from home. Amazing to think I replaced that entire roof myself just a few years ago. The solar electric is my design and installation too. Same for the propane, water, and septic system. I still have the brains, it’s the muscles that fail me. So as I whittle away at my seventh decade I wonder why I do any of it.

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