The Great Disaster of ’18: a Preface

I have made not-so-subtle references to this in previous blogs, and it’s bound to come up again. I’m not keen on talking about it, but it has had such a significant effect on my life that it can not escape mention. Herewith I will give a small insight into just how bad it was.

For one thing, it cost a lot of money. That isn’t the worst of it.

For another, it ate up a lot of time. That isn’t the worst of it.

Aspect number three would be the lost potential, but that isn’t the worst of it.

In terms of ‘things’ gone … well, imagine a room with 20 Nikon SLRs plus many others, now all gone. Now understand that was a drop in the bucket of the contents of a single room, and there were a dozen such rooms.

The second to the worst aspect of the Great Disaster of ’18 is the innumerable things that should have been there that just weren’t anymore.

The worst aspect was the loss of personal history; like having most of your life erased from existence. Only the memories now, and as one grows older those are not so reliable as the many aide-memoires we take for granted every day. It was the single most disturbing event in my life.

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