Zen and the Art of the Future

I’ve been ‘X’-ing out numerous suggested posts on WordPress for several days now, and leaving up the few I think might be worth a read. I even get around to reading some of them. Curiously, aside from the “can’t be deleted ’cause they paid us” dross the posts I’ve been leaving up all seem to be about photography.

Hmm. Let’s think about that.

Well my first thought is that I might write a bit about the plethora of cameras I’ve had, because I mention this in a comment on one of the posts I found particularly engaging. Might even put up a photo of some of the few cameras I managed to retain after the Great Disaster of ’18 (just don’t ask).

I thought about it some more.

Okay, maybe I’ll even do a post about my photographic philosophy and what sort of direction I give photographers. Well who the hell am I to say? Oh, just an old man who came from a family of photographers and who’s shot an incredibly large number of images over many years. Not much commercial success, perhaps, but … well things and other things, okay? And I know a few younger photographers whom I’ve given a bit of direction to without being domineering and critical (I hope). I’m no one special in the photography department, but I have my ideas and opinions.

A little more thinking goes on.

I’d have to pony up a few shots of mine I think are good just to see if anyone agrees. That could be a post or two or three more. (Oddly, massive quantities of my old work mysteriously have disappeared. Something else discovered in the Great Disaster of ’18.)

Slowly the mind turns things over and looks at them from other angles.

You know, I’ve got this problem with my health which is putting quite a crimp in my usual superman lifestyle of late. It’s like I need a whole change of plan or something.

Well maybe, just maybe the Zen is pointing the fickle finger of fate at fotography again. Er, photography. I wouldn’t object to spending more time back at it as opposed to hard manual labour, but such a change depends on many factors which have yet to resolve themselves.

We’ll have to see where this goes from here. I can at least do the posts mentioned above.

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