Try this simple experiment

If you have the misfortune of being a Facebook user (like so many of us are) take a week out of your life and see if you really need it. It’s easy: just don’t post anything for a week.

See if anyone notices your lack of activity. You may find that many of your so-called ‘friends’ only have you on their list out of social obligation. They don’t really care or notice what or if you post. Indeed many of them will only interact with you if they are specifically tagged in your post and thus can’t easily ignore it.

So many people that you think you have something in common with. But do you have enough in common to make it worth your while? Or theirs for that matter. Maybe you aren’t friends or even acquaintances; maybe you’re just habit.

Possibly the problem isn’t the people either: the structure of social media makes for a kind of false-interactive metric which is a mere facade of real personal relationships. You may really be friends, or would be in ‘real life’, but the method of interface cheapens the reality of it. Whichever, the point is to question whether this system of relating to others is truly viable for you.

Don’t be surprised to find out it’s not.

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