Let’s NOT talk

It’s trendy lip-service for mental health day.

It’s pretend people saying we really must do something about depression will do something about depression day.

It’s all those celebrities saying they have problems to will somehow magically remove the social stigma of mental illness day.

It’s this campaign is 100 percent bullshit just like all the others day.

Really: what the hell is the point? You can’t be stupid enough to believe that dedicating one day a year to talking about any problem is going to help in any way. If you were you’d be unable to read and understand these words.

To truly affect any improvement would require many changes in society and the medical profession. That is not going to happen. It never has, and it never will.

There will be calls for legislative change which won’t come about. Demands that crazy people be treated as normal, while normal people fear they will be treated like they are crazy. There will be all kinds of things, words mostly – but also some deeds.

In the end there will be no difference in tomorrow from today.

No one is really going to suddenly understand what you are going through. No one is going to come up with an amazing instant solution. That’s all pretend. It’s make-believe. It’s a fantasy to make others feel good, not a reality to make sufferers feel better.

Shit you might as well have an Everybody-commit-mass-suicide Day while you’re at it, as the false hope proffered by this fake effort will only shove those suffering further into their personal hell once the realize it was all just another lie.

And fuck you if you think this isn’t true.

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