Shut up about Autism already

I know you mean well. You have your story to tell. You feel a need to get the words out there where all can see them. Because there is this glimmer of hope that somehow it will help.

Well it won’t.

It never has, and it never will. The actual cause célèbre doesn’t make any difference either. Things, whatever things, get better or worse at their own rate through actions. You can’t make people more aware of Autism than they already are: it’s all over the media. Those who take notice have, those who don’t won’t.

What you are doing is turning up the volume, so to speak, to where people will refuse to listen because it’s too damn loud. I’m not even going to take issue with your content. It wouldn’t be fair because I have not read it. See sentence #1 in this paragraph.

It seems it doesn’t matter how many time it is explained. I still see people insisting Autism is caused by vaccines, despite the absolute discredit of Wakefield and the utter lack of even a sound scientific premise as to why it could be. People prefer lies to truth. Even some with Autistic children hang on to the lies and try quack ‘cures’ which make them guilty of stupidity and child abuse.

Don’t you see? All the words change nothing.

This brief essay would be a prime example.

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