Movie Review: Kelly’s Heroes

Okay I’m not going to give you the details. You can look them up on IMDB like everyone else. You probably already know the movie, it’s been around long enough. If you don’t, get a copy and watch it. It’s a worthwhile watch.

Yeah, it’s crap. It has so many technical and logistical flaws in it no one is fooled. Never mind the anachronistic Oddball character. Frankly I wouldn’t want Big Joe leading me into battle; I can shoot myself easier without having to walk so far. But this movie isn’t about historical or even physical reality. It’s about a romp. It’s about a gold heist. It’s about something we’d all like to pull off if only we could.

I could do without the deaths of two of the squad. That was gratuitous for a movie that’s basically and action-comedy. Only the bad guys should get killed, okay? The rest is just silly fun and it’s good fun. You can relate to some of the characters even if you haven’t been in the army; you know guys like that from somewhere.

Bottom line is it’s entertaining. Movies are supposed to be entertaining. If you’re the kind that obsesses over inaccuracies, maybe don’t watch it. Unless you like to complain about the mistakes. There’s enough of them for sure.

Why am I reviewing a forty-eight year old movie? Because I’m watching it while trying to recover from a bout of illness. It’s good medicine.

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