The End

Well Autism Month is over with. More than a week past in fact. Time to stop writing about it. Time to stop talking about it. Time to pretend it doesn’t exist anymore.

That’s it. Each and every cause gets its moment in the sun, and then gets buried until next year. Or until the next sensational headline brings it up again. Outside this narrow window of opportunity for public engagement these things exist only to those directly involved. Everyone else moves on to the new sujet de jeur until it gets replaced by the next one on the following day/week/month/year.

We can not handle all the problems of the world all at once every day. That is truth.

But can we not make some real effort on those limited occasions when we do try to deal with them to make them less of a problem for those who have no option to move on to the next cause célèbre? Or will we only give lip service about how we must and then do nothing? How often do you see a “follow up” story about any issue?

The saddest part is that we do not learn the true underlying message of all these troubles: that so many things we think are important aren’t; our daily struggles are as nothing compared to that which afflict others.

Take it however you wish. I tire of fighting the battle against willful ignorance and ecstatic stupidity.

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